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Psychotherapy | Abstract Photo of Tree Roos
Psychotherapy | Image of Man Holding Photo of childhood

In a safe and confidential space you can talk in depth and we can explore whatever is troubling you, making sense of your distress.


I am interested in your concerns, important or troubling, which you want to bring to your sessions; reflections on yourself and current life, your thoughts, feelings and dreams, your earliest relationship patterns and memories of childhood.

As a Jungian influenced Psychotherapist, my approach acknowledges that unconscious feelings or emotions, often arising from events, relationships and experiences in our early lives, can be the root causes of current emotional problems or distress.

Psychotherapy can be challenging, requiring commitment to work

through difficult feelings. It can be enormously rewarding and

enriching as you come to self-understanding.


For psychotherapy to be effective trust must be part of the therapeutic process and all information disclosed is treated as confidential, whether in person, on the phone or by email.


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